It’s time to take a few life tips from one of pop music’s most iconic bands – Swedish sensations ABBA. 

Have fun and work with friends

Famously, ABBA’s four members became close – (reader, they married each other!) – and isn’t that a lovely sentiment.

What sounds better than living, working and travelling with friends? Become famous, enjoy the spotlight and most of all enjoy that you’re with your besties.

Warning: Be careful – this strategy can go very, very wrong. Björn and Agnetha AND Benny and Anni-Frid all got divorced. It might have been a bit intense.

Play Chess

After the band, erm, disbanded, the two fellas realised they could sell any old ideas to the West End musical theatre world. Hence they wrote the music for Chess – which makes a very introverted and, dare we say it, dull, pastime into the subject of a show.

People still pay to and see this.

This is a ridiculous example of the fact that we can find inspiration literally anywhere.

Celebrate history

My, my
At Waterloo Napoleon did surrender
Oh yeah
And I have met my destiny in quite a similar way
The history book on the shelf Is always repeating itself
I was defeated, you won the war
Promise to love you for ever more
Couldn’t escape if I wanted to
Knowing my fate is to be with 

This is a ludicrous metaphorical construct, but people dance to it. Learn from that what you will.

Hire Meryl Streep

Mamma Mia is a great film – it manages to make cinema both very fun and very funny. It’s a perfect summer flick that shows you exactly how to reinvent one’s self decades after your greatest successes.

And why is it so good? Largely, because Meryl Streep is great.

(There’s the music too, obvs, and Pierce Brosnan singing is a riot, but it’s about wor’ Mezza.)

Take note.

Visit Glasgow

Super Trouper is a song that doesn’t, if we are brutally honest, make that much sense.

It’s about heartbreak, we think.

However, it also references the rather ace Scottish city of Glasgow, which ain’t bad at all.

Glasgow is hot. | Picture: Harry Mcgregor, Licence: CC by NC 2.0

You should go there – it’s well nice.

Hide innuendos by speaking French

Voulez-vous? It’s filthy, and a reminder that speaking a little French can elevate even the most banal into an erotically charged plea for absolution.

That, your happily partnered-up correspondent can confirm, is a great tip for the ol’ book of pick-up lines.

Thanks Sweden!

Cover image: Kevin Oliver, Licence: CC by NC-ND 2.0

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