Alex Neofitov – Heart / Diaphragm

is into this because he wants to push towards a sincerer approach to discussing present-day Europe. Originally from Bulgaria, he has received the most compliments for making awkward remarks in inappropriate moments, could live without cars everywhere, drinks rum while working for E&M, and studied Politics of Central and Eastern Europe. If you meet him, stare intently at his face as if you love him.

Email: alexander [at] 


Francesca Monticelli – Sixth Sense / Social Media

is into this because she is a Europhile and, given Brexit, she feels this is an essential platform to champion a European identity. Originally from Rome, Italy, she has received the most compliments for her unique fake laugh and cooking skills, could live without bacon, drinks copious amounts of white americano while working for E&M, and studied biomedical sciences. If you meet her, take her to the White Hart.

Email: francesca [at] | Twitter: @FranMonticelli

Friederike Sandow – Sex / Partnerships & Events

Is into this because she loves the European Union and therefore isn’t getting tired of pointing out its flaws because hope always dies last. Originally from the Baltic Sea in Germany, she has received the most compliments for her colourful summer dresses, could live without soup and asparagus, drinks coffee and beer simultaneously while working for E&M, and studied International Relations. If you meet her, make her giggle and just be your awkward self, she loves that.

Email: friederike[at] | Twitter: @FriederikeEs


Isabell Wutz – Brain / Partnerships & Events

is into this because she likes to criticise, discuss and encourage the European idea. Originally from Germany, she has received the most compliments for her rolling R, could live without WhatsApp, drinks chai latte while working for E&M, and studies Arts, Media and Society. If you meet her, don’t make small talk.

Email: isabell [at]

Jurek Wötzel – Brain / Project Management

is into this because he knows that Europe needs Europeans, like democracy needs democrats
Originally from Leipzig, Germany, he has received the most compliments for laughing at literally any joke anyone could ever make, could live without LinkedIn culture, drinks black tea while working for E&M, and studied PPLE and Political Philosophy. If you meet him, show him your best meme.

Email: jurek [at]


Nicoletta Enria – Sex / Heart

is into this because she loves the idea of a European  identity and journalism from various cultural perspectives. Originally from Italy, she has received the most compliments for always finding something to talk about in an awkward silence, could live without Diet Coke, drinks green tea while working for E&M and studies German and Arabic. If you meet her, go out for a coffee and a chat!

Email: nicoletta [at] | Twitter: @NicolettaEnria

Laura J. Bolé – Sixth Sense / Social Media

is into this because she hates the idea of journalism becoming a devalued product that produces
meaningless information that only exists for the clicks. Originally from Spain, she has received the
most compliments for her smart use of emojis on social media, could live without pigeons –
because, I mean, they are scary -, drinks semi-sweet white wine (only if it’s from Extemadura, her region in Spain) while working for E&M, and studied Translation, Interpreting, and Communication. If you meet her, take her out for dinner, because the best way to her heart is definitely through (vegetarian) food with a side of wine.

Email: laura [at] | Twitter: @LauraBole


Sam Volpe – Diaphragm / Project Management

is into this because he likes correcting other people’s mistakes a little too much and hates parochialism. Originally from Newcastle, north-east England, he has received the most compliments for sending emails at inappropriate times of the morning, could live without online comment sections, drinks too much while working for E&M, and studied several mysteriously useless degrees. If you meet him, politely ignore his terrible balance.

Email: sam [at] | Twitter: @samuelevolpe

Sarah Gerwens Heart / Legs 

is into this because she thinks we need to read, write, cry, and laugh about Europe lest it disappears. Originally from Germany, she has received the most compliments for “I couldn’t even tell you’re from Germany”, could live without climate change, drinks the doctor’s recommended amount of 2 litres a day while working for E&M, and studied Europe, migration, and globalization. If you meet her, stop, drop, and roll.

Email: sarah [at]


Victoria Jordan – Brain / Sex / Legs

is into this because she loves the idea of promoting a European identity from the perspective of our generation. Originally from France, she has received the most compliments for her burger eating capabilities, could live without boring small talk, drinks too much coffee while working for E&M, and studied European History. If you meet her, go for a kiss on both cheeks and avoid any awkwardness.

Email: victoria [at] | Twitter: @VictoriaJor13

Markus Kehrer – Webmaster

is into this because he sees himself as an european. Originally from Germany, he has received the most compliments for the new webdesign, could live without crazy weather, drinks spakling water while working for E&M, and studied media and computer science in Berlin. If you meet him, raise your arms.

Email: markus [at]

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