Editorial Board

Fatlind Duraku

Fatlind Duraku – Lead Editor

is into this because  he finds refuge in writing and loves discussing mental health. Originally from Krushë e Madhe, Kosovo, he has received the most compliments for his positive energy, could live without heteronormativity, drinks coffee while working on E&M and studied Mass Communication and Journalism in AAB College, Prishtina. If you meet him, play him your favorite techno track.

Email: fatlind [at] europeandme.eu

Sindre Langmoen

Sindre Langmoen – Brain

is into this because he’s a European of the highest order. Originally from Denmark, Norway or France (take your pick), he has received the most compliments for having a positive aura, could live without the plague of advertisement taking over public space, drinks turkish coffee while working on E&M and studied PPLE in Amsterdam and International Security Studies in Prague.  If you meet him, buy him a beer.

Email: sindre [at] europeandme.eu

Alberto for E&M

Alberto Mendez Rodriguez – Heart

is into this because he believes in Europeans collaborating beyond Eurovision. Originally from Barcelona, he has received the most compliments for casually drawing doodles on every inch of blank paper, could live without any soccer-related content, drinks tonic water while working on E&M and studied marketing, advertising and PR.  If you meet him, bring a bowl of cut fruit and two forks.

Email: alberto[at] europeandme.eu | LinkedIn

Nisa - Europe & Me

Nisa Sherifi – Sex

is into this because she enjoys writing and constantly thinking about a myriad issues from a critical perspective. Originally from Gjilan, Kosovo, she has received the most compliments for for her passion, could live without discussions about the metaverse being taken seriously, drinks Turkish coffee while working on E&M and studied International Relations and Law in Sciences Po Paris.  If you meet her, show her your cat or dog.

Email: nisa [at] europeandme.eu


Maria Taskinen – Legs

is into this because she finds that cross-European collaboration has not lost its importance. Originally from Helsinki, Finland, she has received the most compliments for having excellent small-talk skills for a Nordic person, could live without the FOMO-culture, drinks black coffee while working on E&M and studied Political Science in Amsterdam. If you meet her, take her to listen to live music.

Email: maria [at] europeandme.eu

Markus Kehrer – Webmaster

is into this because he sees himself as European. Originally from Germany, he has received the most compliments for the new webdesign, could live without crazy weather, drinks sparkling water while working for E&M, and studied media and computer science in Berlin. If you meet him, raise your arms.

Email: markus [at] europeandme.eu

Founders, Former Editors and Advisory Board

Francisca Rosales
Isla Mae Norman
Antonia Frank
Clémentine Dècle-Classen
Jessica Verheij
Christopher Wratil
Christian Diemer
Nicoletta Enria
Eva Sablovska
Margarita Ivanova
Carmen Kong
Catarina Gomes
Matt Shearman
Edgar Gerrard Hughes
Diána Vonnák
Frances Jackson
Alexander Neofitov
Justine Olivier

Jurek Wötzel
Laura Bole
Laura Worsch
Friederike Sandow
Francesca Monticelli
Sam Volpe
Fernando Burgés
Johannes Himmelreich
Olimpia Parje
Hanna Pilawa
Martin Maas
Juliane Schmeltzer Dybkjaer
Laura Knierim
Ivan Grozdanovski
Rike Maier
Rosamund Mather
Chris Ruff

Marta Montanari
Lisa O’ Leary
Sarah Gerwens
Isabell Wutz
Sam Stevenson
Victoria Jordan
Lucy Duggan
Philip Wallmeier
Kristin Kruthaup
Helya Houshmand
Velislav Ivanov
Marta Martínez
Pako Quijada
Veronica Pozzi
Michael O’Keeffe
John Wheatley
Fabian Pregel


Svenja von Döhlen

Steffen Wierer

Markus-Kai Kehrer