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Ah, the magic of written words! Just a few of those can give you a sense of meaning or turn your world upside down.

As you know producing cutting-edge journalism takes a lot of time and effort. Until media is completely overrun by robots it will still be the domain of wordsmiths just as hit-and-miss and occasionally brilliant as any of us.

The creative process can often be quirky, exhausting and non-linear. That is why we need your help to continue creating top notch material conforming to the highest standards of analytical inquiry.

Currently, all of our contributors are independent volunteers and we strongly embrace the values and practice of European volunteering.

While some of our events have received funding by EU programs (Youth in Action, Erasmus+) or granting foundations (Körber Foundation, Allianz Cultural Foundation), we are not institutionally supported by the EU or affiliated bodies.

We can therefore bravely state that what we create is completely bias-free and we have the intention to maintain the impartial spirit of our work.

Please feel free to check our output and decide for yourself whether a keen unbiased perspective on Europe is worth contributing to.

If you think you are willing to support such a cause and become a part of our community you can land a hand to Europe & Me in two ways.

Become a member

One way to support our work is to become a member of Europe & Me e.V., the legal association behind Europe and Me (more information about the organization here). Currently, membership is our primary means of support, with members typically paying 30 to 40 euros a year as a subscription, depending on whether they are employed or students.

You can become a member of Europe & Me e.V. by contacting us at, or by getting in touch with anyone at E&M magazine. We will give you more information and send you a membership form.

As a member, you’ll be able to attend our annual general meeting and discuss where Europe & Me e.V. should be heading, and vote on new Members of the Board (or stand to become a Board Member yourself). Whether you are a Member or not, you are very welcome to get in touch with us and suggest projects which we should be working on, or ask us whether we would like to become a partner of a project you are running.


You can also donate directly by sending a small amount to our bank account (details below). Consider it a token of appreciation for the hard work we do and a present to your thinking and curious self.

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Thank you for considering us!