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What is the 'Sixth Sense'?

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Sixth Sense is all about taking E&M's unique transnational perspective into live 'issue' journalism.

Sixth Sense is:

  • Keen intuition
  • A matrix of ideas
  • Our 6th body part ~ the life blogging platform

Bloggers include popular E&M authors: Christian Diemer, Janosch Jerman, Ziemowit Jozwik, Lauren Davis and Elise Haddad.

'Transnational' is the framework at the core of our writing, which lets us make connections across the continent and asks questions about our understanding of Europe.


We want to create a network of ideas across Europe – and that means involving YOU in exciting new projects for Sixth Sense. Coming very soon.....
  • Images of Europe, photos from across the continent - we'll be announcing how you can display your favourite corner of Europe to the world.
  • Become our Correspondent in....: A world event happens. Who is there? It's our correspondent in.... with a short account from the heart of the event...
Matt, Editor, 'Sixth Sense'
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