scandi teaserScandinavians are taking over the world! Wait, you haven't noticed anything yet? Then let Katarina Poensgen enlighten you and help you get a head start adapting to the new world order. Read on for six tips on how to become a true Norwegian.

quizteaserLearning a language is important and empowering... but never comes without those ridiculous textbooks you have to get through. Can you guess what countries use these entertaining approaches when trying to encourage foreigners who learn their language?

tube2 Madrid and London, two grant and exciting capitals that couldn't be more different. Dear unbearably slow Madrileños, dear hectic Londoners, here's what you can still learn from each other...

Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-18 um 16.33.04A comment on our governments' increasing obsession with bureaucracy and budgetary concerns, as well as popularity, efficiency, and superficial economic indicators as measures of value.

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