Welcome to a brand-new issue of Europe&Me! From now on, we will come to you with new articles every month. We kick off with amazing photography by “Humans in the EU”, a piece on female financial literacy, a journey to the beautiful sandy beaches of Rome, insights on the latest fashion in France, an interview with a musician living in Paris, thoughts on the future of the EU’s defence system, and a new episode in the re-telling of Europe’s history! Don’t miss this first issue of a new Europe & Me!
(Photography by Soundous Boualam, Irma Fadhila and Trudy Kazangu)

Eu flags by Christian Lue, Unsplash

If the USA is back, the EU must look forward

The volatile role of the USA in the international political system has underlined the ...


Female financial literacy

Ever thought about your pension? E&M‘s Laura Worsch had not until recently, but found ...

beach sunset

A holiday around the corner

E&M‘s Marta Montanari takes us on a holiday around the corner. Not being able ...