‘Legs’ is all about travel and work. But with most of us staying home and the economy unraveling, we here at E&(remotely!) thought about some things we can all do from the (dis)comfort of our own four walls. 

  1. Take some deep breaths. Go on, we’ll wait. Now, continue reading.
  2. Look through all the photos on your phone. All of them. Share your favourite ones with your friends.
  3. That one message that you have been meaning to respond to that’s been sitting in your inbox for a while, collecting dust and an increasingly guilty conscience? Respond to it.
  4. Alternatively: finally just delete all those unread emails.
  5. Sleep.
  6. Get out your pen and paper and write some letters. Your quarantined relatives will surely appreciate them – and your equally quarantined friends, too.
  7. Try out meditating. It’s good for your immune system!
  8. Eat a whole tub of ice cream.
  9. Check in with ‘essential workers’, parents of school-age children, and anyone else who might be struggling right now. Ask how you can help.
  10. Make use of the many workout apps and websites currently offering discounts or free trials.
  11. Go online shopping, with a twist! Check out which of your local businesses do delivery and support them without having to leave your place.
  12. Pick up the phone, put away all other distractions, sit down, and revel in the sound of someone else’s voice.
  13. On the topic of the human voice: try out (some new) podcasts.
  14. Vacuum underneath your bed.
  15. Offer to help more vulnerable people in your neighbourhood and get their groceries (but don’t have auntie Erna invite you in for a coffee).
  16. Give journalling a try.
  17. Read through E&M‘s old issues.
  18. Play games with whoever you’re living with. If you’re living alone, find some games to play with friends and family online.
  19. Do nothing.
  20. Clean your hard drive and free up some much needed space (this also works for your phone).
  21. Reach out to people you’ve lost contact with.
  22. How many push-ups can you do? Try to do at least one more by the end of this.
  23. Light some scented candles, take a shower or a bath, play some good old jams as loud as your neighbours allow you, and sing your heart out.
  24. Masturbate.
  25. Sort through your closet.
  26. Sort through your bookshelf.
  27. Sort through your random collection of documents, spare paper, and post-its.
  28. You can guess where we’re going with this: do some spring cleaning.
  29. Alternatively: Be incredibly messy, at least in your own room, knowing that no one can come visit and judge you.
  30. Learn a new language, but have a friend teach you instead of an app.
  31. Take a break from the news.
  32. Read poetry.
  33. Write poetry?
  34. Travel the world via Google Streetview and Yelp reviews.
  35. Figure out why everyone has been raving about Parasite.
  36. Since you’re already watching movies, go and check out all the other Oscar winners and nominees and snubs of the past years you never got around to see.
  37. Tell someone you love them. Yes, this can be your pet, or your house plant. No, this can’t wait.

But, most importantly: stay safe – stay home.

Cover photo: Brian McGowan (Unsplash), Unsplash licence


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    Sarah Gerwens lives in London, but grew up in Dortmund, Germany. Currently a PhD student, she holds BAs in Global Studies and Psychology from Hofstra University and an MSc from the London School of Economics. In the past, Sarah has interned in the European Parliament, the Bundestag, an anti-torture NGO, and the GIZ.

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