Ashley Lopez - Dahlia Dandashi - Kristen Hubby retro

Ashley Lopez is a recent graduate from the University of Texas in Austin. She studied Journalism and Hispanic Studies and will go on to pursue a career in law. You find her perusing the menu of a cute eatery and almost always grooving to Drake's newest tunes.  Growing up in Dubai to a Lebanese father and Syrian mother whiler sporting an American passport, it is no wonder Dahlia Dandashi developed the perpetual travel bug. A voracious learner, she is a recent journalism and business foundation graduate from the University of Texas in Austin. She's always on the look out for the next story to tell, sarcastic comment to make, coffee to photograph and bite to eat. She only stands 160 cm, but if you hear a loud voice from a few blocks away, that's probably her.  Kristen Hubby is a recent graduate from The University of Texas in Austin, Texas. She is currently freelancing for The Daily Dot and strives to combine her love for journalism and social media. After traveling throughout Europe during her final year for a study abroad program, she can't shake the thrill for adventure and hopes to knock out more of the world's wonderful destinations. 

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