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World of Fetishism’s travels continue, and this time we take a magnified look at what it is that some people find so naughty… about glasses.

Image: andv (CC BY-SA 2.0). Do specs seduce you?
Image: mattzor (CC By-ND 2.0). Do glasses get your engine running?

The glasses fetish might not be the craziest, but what is it about a frame and two lenses that turn people on? Is it a fixation on domination-submission, in which the wearer of glasses is a submissive secretary? Or is it the other way around, as glasses stereotypically indicate intelligence and consequently power? Perhaps glasses are a symbol of a “good girl” and thus a naughty combo of a good girl doing something kinky? Or, has the Facebook, Spotify, smartphone app and cool gadget era made geeks, and the specs stereotypically associated with them, the new sex symbols for women? We think it’s a combination of all of the above – and probably plenty more reasons.
The sexy secretary fantasy, we’ve heard it before. Pencil skirt, shirt buttoned down, high heels, red lips, glasses slightly pushed down close to the tip of the nose. Very Mad Men.

Has the cool gadget era made geeks, and the specs stereotypically associated with them, the new sex symbols?

Image: Sharon Drummond (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0). Sex toys?

We spoke to Jon, 24, who finds glasses very sexual.

E&M: So Jon, glasses turn you on? When did this start, and how?

Jon: When I was 19. There was a clear trigger, during a seminar at uni. Our professor was a Greek guy with loads of temperament, and one day, in walks his teaching assistant, looking very strict in a suit jacket and skirt, hair put up in a ballerina knot and wearing big, black glasses. Every time she was taking notes, she would be wearing her glasses, but as soon as she stopped to listen to the professor, she took them off. I think it was the contrast of her being so submissive, next to this powerful male professor, that intrigued me.

E&M: So, a clear trigger then and ever since, glasses turn you on? Do you ask your partners to wear glasses in bed?

Jon: Yes, and yes. It makes me feel like the “boss”.

E&M: Is there anything about a “geek”, that you find attractive?

Jon: Sure, if you imagine a nerd who doesn’t take care of their looks, perhaps dresses in really baggy clothes, and this nerd is taken out of their normal context and dresses differently, maybe puts on a dress or spandex tights for gym class – and is revealed to have a fantastic body underneath. That’s really hot. Again, because of the contrasts I guess.

E&M: Finally, are there any particular types of glasses that turn you on?

Jon: Yes, only one kind actually. Large, thick black frames. Square lenses. So-called “media glasses”.

E&M: Thank you, Jon!

World of Fetishism is back next time with yet another spicy fetish story, don’t miss out!

Teaser image: Wikimedia

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