Editor of Diaphragm – Mykolas Steponavičius – takes a deep yet satirical look at the ongoing life lessons we continue to learn in his most recent poetry piece. 

I am older.

I have seen much more

But now I am lost in this new day and age,

Where things are going astray

With no regard for my time-proven wisdom.


I am younger.

I haven’t been spoiled 

Don’t you know the future is here?

May the fossils be washed away 

And let there be rock.


I am a man.

I look back with joy

To the times when you could just say:

“Listen up, girl, 

And let me tell you how the world works”.


I am a woman.

I try not to insult 

And keep reminding myself:

Carry on through the troubles of day,

It could always be worse.


I am a fighter.

I have gone through hell 

I envy my fortunate friends

But lecture them on the virtue of pain.


I am a lottery winner.

Yet I seek to rebel

And turn every nuisance mundane

Into a political issue. 


I am an achiever.

I settle only

For the greatest of things

Better reach for the stars 

Than gaze at them still.


I am a loser.

I seek comfort

In the sole fragile truth:

My efforts in vain

And destiny sealed.


I am a villager.

I have heard it all

While not having been around 

I am sure, there is no place like home. 


I am a traveler.

I have seen it all

And I am eager to show

How miserable your lives

Against the riches of Oz.

Cover photo: Ativ Srivastava on Flickr

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    Mykolas Steponavičius is a Master‘s student at the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs. He graduated with a BSc in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE) at the University of Amsterdam. In between studies, he has shortly worked as a policy analyst and as an assistant to a member of Lithuanian parliament. His interest include education and economic policy, as well as history and literature.

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