Compañeros, brothers-in-arms,

We write to you to pay tribute to the anonymous socialist heroes of our past who with their small acts, have shown us what it means to change a country. The grandmother who teaches her grandchildren that toys are for sharing, the activist who loses hours of sleep because he is out putting up posters in his neighbourhood, Che Guevara. 

To show solidarity with Europe’s downtrodden, click donate. Let’s help the cause of the worker and fight the good fight.

We are the people. You are the people. And we are in your inbox. We at Podemos thank you for your heroic and gracious support. We will overcome. Vamos.

Times are hard, but we are all in this together. You are reading this as a member of our great party because you have understood that we are doing what must be done, and we must allow this to project to reach its end.

Photo: Gmmr3 (Wikimedia Commons); Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0

UK Conservative Party

Dear valued member of the Conservative Party,

Thank you for your continued support. More than ever we must unite this country behind strong leaders and so safeguard the long-term economic plan of our great nation. Other political leaders and parties are a threat to our national security and our cherished British Values.

To show your support for Her Majesty’s Government, visit the Conservative Party website to obtain a ‘Jeremy Corbyn Threatens Our National Security’ twibbon.

The long-term economic plan is the only way to safeguard hardworking British families from a man who is a threat to our national security, remember.

Best wishes,

Dave, Gid, and friends and Conservative Party HQ. 

Photo: Conservatives; Credit: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Dear member,

The time has come for us to wake up. A flood is engulfing our great and historic country and citizens like you are at risk. We must not be weak. We must stop the flood. No longer can we let ourselves be blinded by the question of what is truly ‘humane’. Our only solution is to stand up, be counted, and make our passionate voices heard. For Hungary.

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Donate to help us reach the funding target for our border wall.

Let’s send a message to Brussels.

Your leader,

Victor Orban 


To our friends and voters,

You may be aware of the Prime Minister’s many ‘reforms’, but has his football team won the European Cup before? You may be aware of a series of lurid allegations about your dedicated former Prime Minister, Il Cavaliere, but do you truly doubt his integrity? Do not allow these smears to cloud your judgement. Do not let our opponents convince you of our irrelevance. Our party understands this country best.

If you can believe in anything, believe in this: Sporting glory, national pride, unmatched charisma. Visit our Facebook page to RSVP to the next general election victory party. Don’t miss out.

Forza Italia!

Legal note: This message sent to supporters of the political party led by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi does not constitute an inducement to help the aforementioned leader regain public office. Forza Italia respects the judgements of the courts on this matter. 

Cover photo: My Lil’ Rotten (Flickr); Licence: CC BY-ND 2.0


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