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My name is Martyna, I’m Polish (born and raised in my beloved city of Wrocław) and I’m currently studying Political Science at the University of Amsterdam. I’m passionate about matters related to intersectional feminism, social and climate justice and many different socio-political issues which require re-thinking and change. In my writing, I will cover whatever catches my attention, but with a little bias towards social movements, Polish politics – always in the context of a larger, European relevance – as well as environmental and gender equality issues. When I’m not analysing or discussing any of the above, I go on long evening walks, dance to 2000s pop music or savour my oat milk lattes.
garment workers - maybe also protected by the Accord

The human cost of cheap, fast fashion: 8 years after Rana Plaza

Everything has a cost, including fast fashion. While many of Europe’s favourite retail fashion ...