Âsûde Alkaya retro

Âsûde Alkaya is a Prague based Artist, born in Istanbul 20 days before the 1999 earthquake that shook her country in such a way that the slow settling of the dust in the years that followed placed her in a perfect chasm of experiences and instability, building the foundation of her practice, which is based around the values of empathy, courage and humility in the midst of chaos beyond the control of single individuals. Her work finds its strength in a multi-disciplinary approach into life and manifests itself in many mediums from visual, sensory and linguistic to political and organizational. She is currently working to finish her Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Media, hoping to find a path into social service utilizing her capabilities.

The Materialist Religion of Oppression and its Immaterial Reasonings

Turkish artist and author Âsûde Alkaya reflects on the state of affairs in Turkey, ...