Issue #53

Welcome to a brand-new issue of Europe&Me! From now on, we will come to you with new articles every month. We kick off with amazing photography by “Humans in the EU”, a piece on female financial literacy, a journey to the beautiful sandy beaches of Rome, insights on the latest fashion in France, an interview with a musician living in Paris, thoughts on the future of the EU’s defence system, and a new episode in the re-telling of Europe’s history! Don’t miss this first issue of a new Europe & Me!
(Photography by Soundous Boualam, Irma Fadhila and Trudy Kazangu)

Royal Palace Amsterdam colonial legacy

The enduring legacy of institutional racism

From double standards in media to knowledge and cultural appropriation – features of institutional ...


Female financial literacy

Ever thought about your pension? E&M‘s Laura Worsch had not until recently, but found ...

beach sunset

A holiday around the corner

E&M‘s Marta Montanari takes us on a holiday around the corner. Not being able ...