Issue #67

Issue 67

The holidays are over and 2023 is promising to be a peaceful and prosperous year for us all. The January edition of Europe & Me includes three articles: First is a personal perspective on the popular protests in Iran by E&M’s new author Rana, an Iranian woman studying in Germany. Second is a teaser for a series of conversations with people involved in the grassroots support for Ukrainians from abroad, interviewed by E&M’s Clémentine Dècle-Classen and edited by Sindre Langmoen. Finally, and less tragically, you can read E&M editor’s Isla Mae Norman’s recollection about how she owes her childhood integration into a small Italian village to Harry Styles and One Direction.

Feature photo by Pal Szilagyi Palko


Is Patriarchy Pushed to Leave? A Look at Recent Protests in Iran

Sparked by the brutal murder of Mahsa Amini, in the past months, Iran has ...

It’s Harry Styles’ World, We’re Just Living In It

Although upon introduction it may seem difficult to find common ground between contrasting cultures, ...