Issue #64

Issue 64

For the October issue of Europe & Me, we present to you four new thought-provoking pieces. First, you can read the third and final installment of the fascinating interview conducted by Nisa Sherifi with former Kosovar guerrilla fighter and current local politician, Mimoza Shala. Secondly, we present a deep dive into ecofeminist thought by Clémentine Dècle-Classen. Third, E&M author Alberto Méndez explores the reactions to what is presently the world’s largest book: the compilation of all existing chapters of the Japanese manga series ‘One Piece’. And finally, E&M author Francisca Rosales takes you on a walk through the vibrant streets of her native city: Lisbon. We hope you enjoy this month’s reading list as much as we do!!

Feature photo by Maksim Chernyshev

Lessons from Mimoza Shala part III: Kosovar activist, mother, and former guerrilla soldier

Representations of women in war, particularly in media, often tend to be simplistic readings ...

The connection between Europe’s virtual piracy and the largest book on Earth

E&M author Alberto Méndez explores the reactions to the publication of the world’s largest ...

Local Lisbon – Coastal city in its full potential

On the Southern European Atlantic coast lies the capital of Portugal. While known to ...