How is the sex life of young college students? What about the sex life of those who study in London? Is sex in college or university as good as your wildest fantasy?

In a unique attempt to know what London students are really up to, Felix, Imperial College’s student newspaper, surveyed their students on some crucial matters related to sex and love. And by sex and love we mean relationships, virginity, threesomes, sex toys and much more.

Europe & Me is particularly interested in knowing what young Londoners and Europeans are doing in terms of masturbation, anal and oral sex.

For instance, who is the naughtiest and masturbates more? Girls or boys? Who watches more porn? Engineers or math students?

This study came up with some really interesting findings.


1113 people were surveyed and of these, 82% considered themselves heterosexual, 5.2% gay or lesbian, 9.8% bisexual and 0.6% asexual. Interestingly, a person surveyed remarked that he/she felt oddly validated because the survey included asexual as an option.

Sexual happiness – the perfect unicorn?

Are students happy or even content with their sex lives? Apparently these students are! 61% consider themselves happy or very happy with what happens between their sheets. Unfortunately, there are still 15% who think their sex lives suck. The odds are that part of these 15% are mostly men, as women reported generally more satisfaction with sex than their counterparts. In fact, according to the survey, one in four men used the word “meh” to describe their sex life…

One of the reasons might be that some students (we bet they’re males!) think that the heavy workload given at the college affects their “extra-curricular performance”. Moreover, it seems that women are having on average more sex than men per week.

To conclude, and “oh my what a surprise”, 76% of the people surveyed who said had sex daily considered themselves VERY HAPPY with their sex lives.

Masturbation – I don’t do it, do you?

Male students definitely masturbate more than women, according to this study. For instance, 24% of men “wank” daily but only 2% do it everyday. Girls, what’s wrong?

Furthermore, it seems that women can stay longer without pleasuring themselves – 19.2% can go without any sex or almost any masturbation for a year.

The study also points out that the ones who masturbate more might also be unhappy with their sex lives.

What do you think?


Teaser picture: Fitsum Belay – iLLIMITER / Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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