Mrs Robinson, vampires or being dominated – what do Europeans really fantasise about in bed? We take a closer look at hot secrets as we explore the most popular sexual fantasies across the continent.

Sexual fantasies in Europe

Have you ever been surprised by the thoughts, images and scenarios that pop up in your mind during sex? You can’t control them, you don’t know why they appear – but you do know that they turn you on. Sexual fantasies are as normal as they are healthy, so just for the sake of curiosity we have explored the most popular ones. Read on and find out more – maybe your fantasies aren’t as strange as you think!

Famous British psychotherapist Brett Kahr has studied sexual fantasies of over 20.000 British adults, and found that over 90% have sexual fantasies. If anything then, sexual fantasies should be regarded as perfectly normal. A quick search on Google will display close to half a million hits for sexual fantasies involving vampires, and in an episode of popular sitcom Friends, Ross reveals that he would love for his girlfriend to dress up as Star Wars character Princess Leia. But what are the most popular fantasies?

According to Kahr’s study of sexual fantasies amongst adults in Britain, 39% imagine having sex with a colleague, 33% fantasise about being dominated, 25% about having sex with someone of the same sex and 20% fantasise about having an orgy.

Not surprised? Well, some fantasies are more specific than that. ANI reports that the most popular fantasy amongst British women is the seduction scene between Mrs Robinson and the much younger Benjamin Braddock in the famous 1967 movie The Graduate. But a young Dustin Hoffman isn’t the only celebrity that enters the imaginations of British women. In a survey by, the following Hollywood celebrities topped the sex fantasy list; Megan Fox, Jennifer Aniston and Beyonce Knowles start the engines with the men, whilst Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and Gerard Butler get the pulses racing with the ladies.

French women spice things up by watching other couples have sex – at least in their imagination. The French ladies rank voyeurism as the hottest sex fantasy.

Over in Sweden, sex councellor and journalist Katerina Janouch asked women aged 17-70 to anonymously share their sexual fantasies with her, and found that the most common sexual fantasies amongst Swedish women are:

  1. Having sex with another woman
  2. Being submissive and dominated
  3. Having sex with a stranger
  4. Having sex with several people
  5. Having sex with a younger man

The most popular sexual fantasies in the Netherlands, according to the Rutger Nisso Group are:

  • sex outdoors
  • sex with a friend/acquaintance
  • fantasising about about a gorgeous body
  • oral sex.

In France, according to a survey done for Marie-Claire magazine by Sofres in July 2000, the top fantasies amongst men are:

  • having sex outdoors
  • having a threesome with two women

French women spice things up by watching other couples have sex – at least in their imagination. The French ladies rank voyeurism as the hottest sex fantasy.


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Note: This article was originally published in issue 11.

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