Ever wondered what’s behind an art exhibition? In this video, Aleksandra Karpowicz tells us about all the challenges behind the organisation of a low budget art exhibition.

Are you a struggling artist who dreams about living off of your art? Are you frustrated of paying submission fees that never get a reply? You are not alone. For years, I’ve been dreaming of exhibiting my work but was too self-conscious to think outside the box. Until this year, when I found the world of art collectives and realised how much they can work as a platform to promote and connect artists. London Visual Arts (LoVArts) managed to attract more than 800 visitors on the opening night of their first (low budget) exhibition “Chaos Control”. Aleksandra Karpowicz, one of the founders, walks us through the challenges of a project like this in the following video.


Cover photo: jane cornwell; CC BY-ND 2.0 (Flickr)

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    Pako Quijada is a visual artist primarily focusing on film, video and photography. When he is not "researching" for his next project, he is actually doing some work which ends up obscurely on his website www.pakoquijada.com Twitter: @pakoquijada

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