beglika_teaserWhat are you doing next weekend? Don't know yet? Then allow yourself to be inspired by this new column and get ready for three days spent somewhat differently...

green_gemsAt E&M we want to know more about European biodiversity. Discover the hidden green gems of our continent in this new column. We start with a scary one: the wolf.

teaser_ryanWe left Ryan in the Black Forest, nearly starving. Now the journey continues and there are still two-and-a-half countries to cross to reach the Acropolis...running. No more waiting; read how this slightly lunatic undertaking continues!

Paolo_teaserLeaving your country to follow the job of your dreams is one thing. For Paolo, a young music manager and violinist from Italy, moving is a constant condition. To pursue a career in music, he had to accept that there will be no such thing as 'settling down' in the near future.

boletaWe launch a new column to share with you the secrets of burgeoning jobs you might have never considered before. Did you love our last cover art? Make data visualisation your profession!

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